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AWeber Integration

manychat with aweberAdding subscribers to your AWeber list from within your ManyChat flow? Easy! With our copy-paste JSON code you'll be set up in 5 minutes!

MailChimp Management

manychat with aweberAdding subscribers to your MailChimp list has just gotten a whole lot easier. Just fill in the few form fields on this page and you're in business within minutes. No "Zap" limit, just install the JSON and go!

Active Campaign Integration

manychat with aweberActive Campaign is without a doubt one of the most powerful contact management programs. With our easy-to-install JSON code getting your subscriber list up to date is a breeze. We also transport ALL your user's TAGs, how cool is that?!

Affiliate Network Postback

manychat with custom codeUpdate your ManyChat users with actions they take on the affiliate network you sent them to! Instantly update their actions, interests or purchase information by using our URL as a postback URL. Easy peazy!

Live Crypto Values

manychat with crypto currencyIf you're still in the crypto space, you'll be happy with this feature to serve your messenger customerbase. Enter the cryptocurrency and up comes the current value, including short historic data.

Personalized Coupons

manychat with custom codeOur dynamic, personalized coupons are easy to implement with a few clicks. Select an image that's relevant to your business and copy-paste the code into your dynamic response section.

Email Sending from Flows

manychat with phpmailer and gmail smtpHow about this cool feature where you can send complete HTML formatted emails to your user. Ideal to send reports of a survey you just did, or additional information on request. All from within your flow, with your own Gmail SMTP configuration.

Single Use Coupons

manychat with amazon couponsSuper Feature for Amazon/eCom sellers. Just upload your txt file with coupons, 1 on each row and we will display it to your user and delete it from the batch. Each coupon will only be issued once!

Number Formatting

manychat with custom couponsManyChat lacks the ability to format numbers the way you want to see them. This little implementation takes care of that for you, in just a few minutes to set up.

Random Number Generator

manychat with custom couponsDoing a quiz or a guessing game? This little piece of code will give you a random code between the numbers you put in, like between x, y.

Coupon Code Generator

manychat with custom couponsCoupon codes and vouchers. Who doesn't like those?! Let us create any alphanumeric code of a set amount of characters for you and save it as a custom field value.

Daily Horoscope Feed

manychat with custom couponsSpiritual much? This great feed will give your users a daily horoscope. It will keep your users connected for a long time and let's be honest: who doesn't at least sneak peek a horoscope when they see theirs?

Daily Quote Feeds

manychat with custom quote feedsSpiritual, Motivational or any other of our great quote feeds are a joy to read each day in is presented in the user's messenger feed. They are short, keep you focussed and only take a few seconds to read. Good times!

Daily Jokes Feed

manychat with joke feedsYou know that joke about the two farmers who went to NYC?  .... They didn't go! If you like silly jokes, blonde jokes, Dad jokes, Momma jokes and whatnot, we got you covered! Straight to your user's messenger feed each day, or at random.

What is needed to be able to benefit from our scripts?

All you need is a Secret Key which you can obtain on this page, and a Pro ManyChat account:

  • Script access from $15/month
  • Simple copy-paste integrations
  • No programming skills needed
  • High-demand features


Our scripts are put in certain classifications. Such as basic and advanced. You'll find this class in the top right corner of each script that we offer.

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